Dog walking: £10 per hour, includes treat (if allowed!)

All dogs are walked on the lead, unless in a confined area like a garden.


Cat cuddling, small furries feeding: £8.00 (minimum half hour)

Some cats don't like strangers and might dash under the bed! In that case, I'll stay a minimum half hour.

Cat/small furries visits include litter tray/bedding changes, play and cuddles.


Poo picking: £10 per hour

If you have a particularly steady neddy,  I am happy to come along and meet him. I can feed, rug, turn in/out and poo pick well behaved ponies. (If you'd let your Granny pick his hooves, then I will too!).


Chicken wrangling: £8.00 (minimum half hour)

If you have a small holding or chooks in the backyard, I can help with feeding.


House sitting (7am - 7pm): £50


Petrol: no charge within 5 miles; 0.40p per mile for 5 miles and over


All prices include a daily text/email update about your pet.

FREE consultation to talk over what you need and check you and your pet are happy.

Plants watered, curtains opened/closed, lights on/off as required at no extra cost.

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Sorry - Happy Cats is not taking

new bookings in 2016.

Please contact  your local vet for reliable pet sitters

or catteries.